Cataracts Surgery

Cataracts can lead to blurry vision and make tasks like reading or driving difficult. At UpTown Eyecare in Orlando, Hunters Creek, and Lake Nona, FL, we provide comprehensive eye exams to learn more about your conditions and various treatments, such as cataract surgery, to help you see clearly. Before visiting us, learn more about this procedure below:

Cataract Surgery

Causes and Symptoms of Cataracts

A cataract is a cloudy area that forms on the lens of the eye. The cataracts develop when the in lens build up and clump together. These clumps block light from entering the lens, which causes vision problems. For example, you may experience blurry vision, double vision, or halos around lights. In addition, cataracts often occur as you get older due to changes in your eyes and you may not have noticeable symptoms at first.

What Is Cataract Surgery?

Surgery is the most common treatment for cataracts. The procedure involves removing the affected lens and replacing it with an artificial one, which will provide clear vision. Cataract surgery is considered safe for most people and has high success rate.

When Should You Consider Cataract Surgery?

How do you know if it’s time to consider cataract surgery? We recommend visiting our optometrists for an eye exam so we can determine how severe the cataracts are and how much they affect your vision. You may be able to see clearly with corrective lenses in the early stages of cataracts. However, as they progress, prescription lenses might not be enough to improve your vision. When they are impacting your eyesight, our eye doctors will recommend cataract surgery.

What to Expect from Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you can go home the same day. However, keep in mind that someone will need to drive you home. Before the procedure, the area around the affected eye is numbed. As the numbness wears off afterward, you might experience soreness. If both eyes need surgery, you’ll need to wait for the first one to heal before having the procedure again.

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