Eye and Vision Exams

Why Eye & Vision Exams Are So Important


When is the last time you had a vision or eye exam? You should see an optometrist regularly and receive eye and vision exams. With these exams, an optometrist can monitor your vision and address any issues. If you live around Orlando, Hunter Park, or Lake Nona, get in touch with Uptown Eyecare for all of your vision needs!

The Importance of Eye and Vision Exams

Many Americans suffer from vision and eye problems. Over a million people in the United States alone are blind and over three million suffer from a serious, permanent vision impairment. Millions of people have to wear glasses or contacts to address their vision issues. Vision impairments can cause a lot of trouble, preventing people from doing everyday tasks.

Regular vision and eye exams can help you monitor your eye health. If there is a problem, such as a loss of vision or blurred vision, one of our optometrists will work with you to identify and treat any serious issues. If you do not regularly check in with an optometrist, you may not notice seemingly small vision issues. However, small issues can worsen over time and what was once a minor vision impairment may develop into a permanent vision disability. With regular checkups, you can reduce your risks and ensure your eye health is strong.

How Optometrists Can Help With Vision Issues

Fortunately, many vision conditions can be treated by an optometrist in-office. If you are suffering from myopia, for example, a pair of glasses or a set of contacts may be in order. Sadly, myopia or nearsightedness is becoming increasingly common. Those who suffer from myopia often struggle to see objects that are far away, such as road signs. In some cases, laser surgery (such as LASIK) may help permanently fix your vision issues. However, before considering surgery or other medical procedures, you should first undergo an eye or vision exam.

Vision and Eye Exams in Orlando

Your vision and eye care needs may change over time. You may need new glasses as your vision changes, or something else. Even if you currently suffer from no eye issues, there is always a chance that a problem may develop in the future. Do you need a vision exam? If you live near Orlando, Hunters Creek, or Lake Nona, call Uptown Eyecare today at (407) 855-6132 for all of your vision needs!

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