Pink Eye

Pink eye is a common and frustrating eye infection. Many times, eye infections can be painful and require help from an eye doctor to treat. At Uptown Eyecare in Orlando, FL, we’re here to help the residents of Orlando, Hunters Creek, and Lake Nona with their eye care needs. Here are some things to know about pink eye.


What Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an infection in the conjunctiva of the eye. This is the membrane that covers the front of your eyeball. The infection is caused by bacteria or virus getting into the eye. It results in inflammation, which turns the eye pink. Pink eye is very contagious and can be diagnosed through an eye exam.

How Is Pink Eye Treated?

Once your optometrist has diagnosed you with pink eye, they can tell you how to treat it. If it is bacterial, antibiotics can help. However, many infections are the result of a virus, which makes antibiotics useless. In this case, you need to treat the symptoms and wait the virus out. Keep your eye as clean as possible.

 Your doctor might recommend eye drops as well. These can lubricate the eye and help with any pain and dryness you might feel. If your pink eye lasts for a while, your eye doctor might have other suggestions for you. So it is important to get an eye exam and stay in contact with your optometrist.

Is Pink Eye Contagious?

Pink Eye is very contagious. If you or your child have it, you need to stay away from others until it is no longer contagious. Since pink eye is the result of germs traveling to your eye, any contact you make with others risks sending the germs into their eyes. Usually conjunctivitis will go away on its own in a few weeks and you can resume your routine.

How Can I Avoid Pink Eye

The best way to avoid pink eye is to wash your hands constantly. Washing your hands kills any germs before they can get to your eye and cause an infection. You should also avoid sharing eye makeup with other people, since the germs can easily be transferred this way. If someone you know has pink eye, stay away from them until they’re no longer contagious.

Contact Uptown Eyecare for Pink Eye Treatment

Pink eye is one of the most common eye infections, but that doesn’t make it comfortable. If you or your child have pink eye, Uptown Eyecare is here. We treat the residents of Orlando, Lake Nona, and Hunters Creek, FL. Call our team today at (407) 855-6132 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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