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How to Prepare for an Eye Exam from Uptown Eye Care

If you are like many people, you may not have been to the eye doctor in a while. Going to the eye doctor is a simple process, but there are Read More

Top 5 Causes of Pink Eye

Leading Causes of Pink Eye Pink eye is another term for conjunctivitis. While conjunctivitis is the clinical name, most people know it as pink eye. These eye infections are common in Read More

Early Signs of Glaucoma

If you live in Orlando, FL, Hunters Creek, FL, or Lake Nona, FL, and are looking for an optometrist, look no further than Uptown Eyecare. Our team of eye care Read More

Identifying an Eye Infection

The eyes are small organs yet very useful. You start using your eyes the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. Are you giving your eyes the attention they Read More

Updating Your Prescription

Everyone who wears eyeglasses, as well as contact lenses, may need to get a prescription update. The eyes change over time, and no matter how well a particular lens works Read More

Sunglasses UV Protection

Keeping your eyes healthy involves proper protection from UV rays when outdoors. At Uptown Eyecare, serving Orlando, FL, Hunters Creek, FL, Lake Nona, FL, and the surrounding areas, we can Read More

Eye Exams for Preventive Care

Maintaining your eye health involves preventative care. At Uptown Eyecare, serving Hunters Creek, Orlando, and Lake Nona, we provide eye exams for the whole family to detect eye health conditions Read More

Treating Dry Eye

Dry eye is a painful eye condition that has several causes. If you think you have dry eye, you need to see an optometrist. If you live in Hunters Creek, Read More

Is LASIK Right For Me?

If you are interested in getting LASIK to make vision correction easier, you might be a good candidate for this surgery. However, not everyone is. You may have conditions or Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyeglasses

When you are interested in wearing glasses, you may have a few questions about them before you make your selection. If you are looking for glasses, you will need to Read More

Children's Eye Care and Safety

Taking care of your child’s eyes is just as important as other aspects of health care. Routine eye care ensures that your child is developing correctly. At Uptown Eyecare, serving Read More

Preventing Glaucoma

In the United States, glaucoma is one of the top causes of blindness. Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve that cannot be reversed. There is more than one type Read More

Are Scleral Contact Lenses Right for You?

When choosing corrective eyewear to improve your vision, there are several options, including contacts. However, not everyone can wear traditional contact lenses. Certain eye health and vision conditions make them Read More

Viewing 1 - 13 out of 13 posts


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